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Heavy-Duty Magnetic Base with Knob
Hang blueprints, calendars, work plans and more with this convenient magnetic base with knob. Includes a non-scratch felt backing to prevent marring. Lifts up to 25 pounds.

A. Part No. 07505 - 2 5/8"diameter x 1 1/4Ħħ tall

Magnetic Push Pins
Powerful neodymium magnets encased in colorful plastic shapes are useful for posting memos, invoices and photos. Each piece is 5/8Ħħ tall.

B. Part No. 07507 - Red circles, blue squares and white triangles, 6 pcs.

C. Part No. 07509 - Purple and yellow circles, 10 pcs.

D. Part No. 07510 - Orange and green triangles, 10 pcs.

E. Part No. 07511 - Pink and blue squares, 10 pcs.