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        Round Base Magnets

Add a hook or knob, and these magnets are perfect for holding and positioning shop lights, tools, plants and more to steel surfaces such as refrigerators, filing cabinets, metal beams, walls and doors. Latch magnets can easily secure a garden gate or shed door.



Round Base Magnets

A. Part No. 07215
Round base magnet lifts up to 4 lbs., 2 pcs.

B. Part No. 07216
Round base magnet lifts up to 15 lbs.

C. Part No. 07217
Round base magnet lifts up to 25 lbs.



Heavy Duty Round Base Magnets

Extra strong magnetic bases can suspend heavy items such as speakers and spotlights. Also useful for P.O.P. displays and in-store signage.

D. Part No. 07222
Heavy duty round base magnet lifts up to 65 lbs.

E. Part No. 07223
Heavy duty round base magnet lifts up to 95 lbs.


Round Base

Round base magnets are powerful low-profile magnets with an attachment hole in the center. Attach a hook or knob to position or hold inspection equipment, indicator gauges, lamps, signs, antennas and more. Magnetic on one side. All round base magnets are nickel plated. For other types of plating, call one of our knowledgeable sales specialists.

Because of their low cost, high holding power, and compact design, these magnetic bases are very versatile. For example, these can be used to hold towing lights, emergency lights, or trouble lights to a vehicle.

Round Base --- Bottom View(Magnetic Side) &Center Cut View
Part No. Dimensions/Inches Weight(lbs.) Pounds Pull
A (Dia.)
B ( Hole)
C (Thk.)
D (Hole)
RB20 1.210 0.187 0.171 0.125 0.030 4
RB44N 1.700 0.710 0.300 10-24TH 0.090 12
0.070 16
RB50 2.040 0.865 0.290 0.200 0.140 25
0.330 65
RB80 3.190 1.200 0.440 0.280 0.490 95
0.500 0.500 1.440 200
Key:All dimensions approximate . RB44N has a 10-24 tapped hole