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These magnets lift, hold and retrieve metal objects up to 100 times their own weight! Use as small tool holders, door stops, magnetic clamps and fixture holders, or separate magnetic from non-magnetic materials. Latch magnets feature welded solid steel construction, and can be used to secure gates or doors.

A. Part No. 07200
Super latch magnet - lifts up to 20 lbs.

B. Part No. 07201
Super latch magnet - lifts up to 50 lbs.

C. Part No. 07202
Super latch magnet - lifts up to 100 lbs. Eyebolt and nuts included.


Latch Magnets

D. Part No. 07220
Latch magnet lifts up to 7 lbs. 2 pcs.

Super Latch Magnet 07502

Powerful latch magnet set in durable red plastic casing with four elongated holes allows multi-directional and adjustable mounting. This heavy-duty door closure latch comes with 1/8" thick steel strike plate with countersunk holes to accommodate flat head screws.

E. Part No. 07502 ---Lifts up to 50 lbs., 4 1/4Ħħ long x 1 1/8Ħħ tall x 15/16Ħħ wide