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  Powerful Handle Magnets

Handle magnets clean up scattered iron objects, including screws, nuts and bolts. Can be used to lift heavy metal objects, such as shelving, beams and doors. These handle magnets lift up to 100 times their own weight!

Standard Handle Magnets

A. Part No. 07212
Handle magnet lifts up to 25 lbs.

B. Part No. 07213
Handle magnet lifts up to 50 lbs.

C. Part No. 07214
Handle magnet lifts up to 100 lbs.



Heavy-Duty Handle Magnets

D. Part No. 07211
Handle magnet lifts up to 225 lbs.

E. Part No. 07210
Handle magnet lifts up to 150 lbs.


Powerful Economic Handle Magnet

Ergonomic handle magnet is great for retrieving and moving metal shelves, sheeting and pipes. Lifts up to 100 pounds. Magnet is encased in durable red plastic shell with easy-grip rubber handle. Includes two shields to retain magnetic strength.

F. Part No. 07501