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White Magnetic Hooks

Small but strong! They can hang store signage, decorations and displays. Useful for suspending banners or wiring for lights or sound. Coated with white enamel paint, these hooks blend well with most decor. Choose from 9 lbs. or 14 lbs. pull strength.

A. Part No. 07291 - 14 lbs. pull strength, 2 pcs.
B. Part No. 07290 - 9 lbs. pull strength, 2 pcs.


A powerful magnetic assembly with unlimited shop uses. Perfect for hanging a drop light underneath an auto hood, or tools, keys, utensils and more from any ferrous metal surface. This hook lifts up to 20 pounds in a vertical test, and includes a special liner to prevent surface scratches.

C. Part No. 07218

Powerful Magnet with Attachment Ring

Neodymium magnet with attached keyring is super powerful! Use to hang keys or rope/chain with signage for warehouses or stores. Includes a non-scratch liner. Lifts up to 35 pounds.

D. Part No. 07287 - 1Ħħ diameter