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Screwdriver Magnetizer. It quickly and easily makes small tools magnetic to keep those hard-to-handle screws and nuts in position. Simply insert a screwdriver, nut runner, etc. into the hole, pull it out, and it's magnetized. For extra magnetic strength, leave the Screwdriver Magnetizer on the tool while in use. Simply pass the tool through one of the channels on the side of the magnet to demagnetize it. Then the tool can be safely used with computers and other magnetically sensitive equipment. The Screwdriver Magnetizer is the perfect accessory for do-it-yourselfer, contractors, and everyone who uses a screwdriver.
Available in a convenient counter display (dump bin) or packaged with the rest of our popular carded magnets.



A. Part No. 07224 ---Magnetizer/Demagnetizer

B. Part No. 07224BIN--- Magnetizer/Demagnetizer in transparent countertop bin, 35 pcs.

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