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    Magnetic Multi-Mount®
    Automotive | Industrial | Safety | Home    
  Hundreds of Uses: Hold trouble lights, spray cans, small power tools, brooms, tape guns and more to metal beams, walls, storage racks, file cabinets or tool bins for easy access.

Powerful magnets and adjustable straps allow this patented magnet to hang objects of up to 3 pounds to smooth, ferrous metal surfaces that are at least .06Ħħ thick. The Multi-Mount® provides storage, organization and portability of the things you need to keep handy.

  • 6Ħħ Overall Height
  • 4.5 Ozs.

Powerful magnets hold items securely to ferrous metal surfaces.


Adjustable and reusable double strap system securely holds a variety of objects.

    Part No. 07600
    Patented: U.S.A. - 6267487 AUSTRALIA - 763457


There is a place for Multi-Mount in every home, workshop, factory, garden shed and RV. From the laundry room to the workshop and everywhere in between, Multi-Mount provides portable, convenient storage for the things you need.