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Large Magnetic Clips

Post notes, organize wiring, hang decorations and more! Strong, plastic clip contains powerful neodymium magnet. Each clip is 3 1/2" long.

A. Part No. 07506 - Blue clips, 2 pcs.
B. Part No. 07520 - Red clips, 2 pcs.
C. Part No. 07521 - Yellow clips, 2 pcs.
D. Part No. 07522 - Green clips, 2 pcs.
E. Part No. 07523 - White clips, 2 pcs.



Large Magnetic Clips Display Strip

Arranged on a 20-piece strip with display hook and includes five each of yellow, green, red and blue magnetic clips. Each clip individually UPC labeled.

F.Part No. 07556 - 20 pcs