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Hold Everything Magnets

Powerful C Versatile C Colorful

Hold schedules, coupons, notes and other important items on ferrous metal surfaces and at the same time keep paper clips, nails, pins, screws and other small metal items in reach. This magnet is a must for any home, office, or workshop. Each magnet is 1/2" thick x 1" wide x 2" long.

A. Part No. 07273 - 1 piece, red magnet,

B. Part No. 07276 - 2 pieces, red and yellow magnets.

Available without packaging (but each with a UPC label) in an attractive counter display


Hold Everything Magnet Counter Display

Counter display contains 56 powerful Hold Everything magnets in black,white,green,blue,red,orange,yellow and purple(7 of each color).Powful ceramic magnet helps organize memos,drawings,papers,assignments and more!Each unit individually UPC labeled.

Part# 07278DSP

Hold Everything Magnets counter display--each magnet 2"1"1/2" thick.Display measures 71/4"wide71/4"deep81/4"high.