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Sew Wandful ™

The powerful, permanent, colorful magnetic wand is handy for picking up and storing pins, needles, paper clips, tacks and other metal items with ease. Customers will find that sewing has never been Sew WANDerful!

A. PART # 07030-BX
Sew WANDerful™ Box of 24, 3 of each color

Part # 07030
Crd Sew Wanderful (6 colors)
(Colors shown to the right)

Available colors for Sew Wanderful™ and WRISTwrap™ are light blue, yellow, purple, green, red, dark blue, orange and pink.

WRISTwrap™ Wearable Magnetic Pin Holder

Keeps pins, needles, paper clips, tacks and other metal items safely within reach, right on the wrist. The powerful, colorful magnet aligns the pins and needles for safety. The soft, 10-inch hook and loop adjustable fastener allows the magnet to comfortably fit most wrists.

B. PART # 07040-BX
WRISTwrap™ Box of 24, 3 of each color

Part # 07040
Wrist Mag bulk 10 colr varie
(Colors shown above right)



Sew WANDerful™,WRISTwrap™Magnetic Pin Holders and Holdeverything Magnetic Caps can all be used to promote your store,school,event or organization,Your logo,website,phone number and address can be screen printed directly on the surface,ensuring repeated exposure and familiarity to your name!Contact us for more information.

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