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    Magnetic Finder          [Go Top]

    Part No. NMF0101

    Magnetic Pick-Up Tool

    Part No. NMF0102


    Magnetic Floor Sweeper           [Go Top]

  • Release magnetic picks up tools has a magnetic device which enable to attract any metal     items and spare parts laying on the floor without the trouble to pick them up one by one.
  • Pull the trigger to release magnetic force.
  • Easy to use,safe and practical time saving device.
  • Permanent magnet
  • Aluminum telescopic handle extended from 660mm to 980mm to meet your need.
  • Part No. NMF0105

    Rectangular Magnetic Mini Sweeper

    Powerful magnetic tool is ideal for picking up ferrous metal items such as iron chips,shavings,nails,nuts, etc. .Quick ,convenient,safe,and time saving to clean floors,driveways,construction areas.

  • Adjustable angle design easily reaches under machinery or cars.
  • Aluminum telescopic handle extended from 550mm to 950mm to meet your need.
  • Ergonomic handle for comfortable use.
  • Smart and convenient wheels design save time and energy while cleaning up and removing    stuffs.
  • Part No. NMF0106

    18"Magnetic Floor Sweeper

  • 30 lbs. capacity
  • Adjustable sweeping height: 3/4" to 1-1/2"
  • Release handle for easy removal of debris
  • Adjustable handle extends from 25" to 40"
  • 7"wheels
  • Part No. NMF0107

    Magnetic Nail Starter          [Go Top]

    Nail Starter magnetic thumb saver is an inexpensive tool for setting nails. This patented hand tool is ideal for do-it-yourself, home improvement and craft projects as well as for professional contractor and interior design jobs. Nail Starter is a 5-3/4" long handle with a powerful magnet on one end that magnetically holds a nail, screw, rivet or staple in a starting position to prevent thumb injuries.

    This handy tool is especially helpful in situations where the nail is smaller than the fingers that are trying to hold it. Nail Starter is available in red, white, blue, yellow and orange.

    Part No. NMF8601(NSM)


    Power Clean Up Magnet           [Go Top]

    Part No. NMF0050

      Magnetic Floor   Sweeper
      Magnetic Finder
      Magnetic Nail   Starter
      Flexible Magnetic   Tape With   Adhesive
      Magnetizer /
      Power Clean Up   Magnet




    Flexible Magnetic Tape With Adhesive

    Roll-N-Cut Dispenser for Magnetic Tape

    Allows you to ¡°roll out¡± the desired length of 1/2" wide magnetic tape and then safely and easily cut the magnet with the press of a lever, all in a one-handed operation. The magnet has a strong, indoor craft adhesive on one side that is protected from exposure by a white, peel-off liner. This allows the user to cut multiple pieces in rapid succession and not worry about the adhesive being exposed until ready to use. Perfect for photographs, crafts, displays, school projects and more.

    A. Part No. 07519
    - Roll-N-CutDispenser with Tape

    B. Part No. 07518
    - Refill Roll of tape,1/2¡± x 15 ft.

    [Go Top]

    Screwdriver Magnetizer/Demagnetizer           [Go Top]

    Quickly and easily magnetize small tools so they attract screws or nuts for easy starting and removing. Insert a screwdriver or nutdriver into the hole, pull it out and it's magnetized! Perfect for do-it-yourselfers, mechanics and electricians.

    Part No. 07524(NMF8201)
    Magnetizer/Demagnetizer with neodymium power and separate areas for magnetizing and demagnetizing.



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